Haiti DR Canal conflict

Haiti reiterates its sovereignty in Dominican border closure fight

State says Haiti has as much right to resources on its side as the Dominican Republic

The Dominican authorities argue that the people behind the canal are Haitian entrepreneurs and politicians who want the water supply for commercial purposes and that construction is carried out unilaterally by individuals.

Haitians call Dominican border closure “pressure tactic” to stop canal

DR President Abinader issued permanent closure threat over controversial canal Haitians need for livelihood

Economic activity at the Haiti-Dominican Republic border crossings contributed to $1.03 billion in trade between the two countries in 2022: $1.02 billion in exports from the Dominican Republic to Haiti and $11.9 million in exports from Haiti sent to its neighbor.

Woyyy! WID drops 11 videos… and creativity 

In this week’s column, ‘AfroKreyol’ might be a thing, Tafa Mi Soleil gets uplifted and “BlonDPerfect” sizzles and suffers

On Sept. 13, the artist broke a world record by being the only singer to have released 11 music videos simultaneously with 11 songs. Woyyy!!! This is something no one has done before in the Haitian Music Industry.

Minnesota boxer finds recipe for latest success in his Haitian roots

Al “Haitian Temptation” Sands adds entrepreneur to his titles with Haitian Heat hot sauce

Sands, born Douhdon Jean Noel, has never been to Haiti. Never tasted soup joumou. Doesn’t have a ton of Haitian friends. And yet, he’s developed his own hot sauce, now sold as “Haitian Heat,” created, in part, from a thirst to recognize his Haitian roots.

10 takeaways from EminiFX crypto Ponzi scheme, $153M recovered

Receiver town hall details what EminiFX did with investors’ money, where the financials now stand

In 2022, the price of Bitcoin was on a downward trajectory, with a big crash in early May. By the time I was appointed, there were over $40 million in losses in the Bitcoin held in the CoinPayments account. So there was no positive ROI from the EminiFX exposure to the price of Bitcoin.

Corventina shines in debut with new club after World Cup 

Melchie Daelle “Dumornay” Dumornay takes the Best Player trophy in French competition

Haitian-born soccer star Melchie Daelle “Dumornay” Dumornay delivered an award-winning debut performance with her new club, delivering the opening goal that propelled Olympique Lyonnais past Paris Saint-Germain in a Sept.10 match.

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Jean-Charles resumes protests against Haitian PM Henry 

The northern Haiti politician said Ariel Henry must go ahead of multinational force

While some support the protests, other residents believe that Jean-Charles is using them as a way to gain supporters before the elections.

The Diaspora

Scenes from the Labor Day kids carnival | PHOTOS

Haiti’s flag popped up all along the route of the Labor Day Junior Mas Bands parade and carnival

While no costumed mas band dedicated to showcasing Haiti appeared on the route, revelers of all ages were seen sporting the country’s bicolore were spotted in the crowds.…

A taste of Haiti rolls into Motown | PHOTOS 

“Mr. Creole” food truck pulls into Detroit’s taste buds at public events

DETROIT—The gleaming red “Mr. Creole,” a food truck owned by Edens Gaston, has become a regular sight in Detroit’s downtown plaza, festivals and other busy locations. In this…

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